Survey: your opinion on CHLO4MSFD products

A few months ago we conducted a survey to know your preferences on satellite-derived chlorophyll-a data and products. We really appreciate your participation and we are sharing the results in this post.

From the 36 people that answered the poll, most of them (78%) are not presently using Chlorophyll-a data from satellites but plan to use them or showed some interest.  According to the answers, the most interesting products seem to be:

  • Uncertainty values of chlorophyll-a
  • Temporal trends, and
  • Monthly composites of chlorophyll-a

This input is being most valuable for the next working phase: prioritizing the datasets selection.

Other products related to the Marine Strategy Framework Directive that participants found attractive to be included in the portal were:

  • The Water Framework Directive water bodies,
  • The Regional Sea Convention assessment regions, and
  • The MSFD regions and subregion limits

Also we wanted to explore which capacities you would like to find in a portal such as CHLO4MSFD. Selected functionalities were:

  • Downloading maps in graphic formats (jpg,gif, png, jpeg)
  • Downloading point time series, and to a lesser extent
  • Viewing maps online and
  • Search & Find tool

On a different note, we wanted to know the communication channel you preferred to keep you updated on our service. The majority of respondents opted for the traditional electronic mail (92%). Research Gate and newsletters were interesting for a few respondents and social network tools (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) represented only a minority of answers.

For those of you who facilitated your email address we will send you updates when new capacities or products are added to the portal. If you didn’t give us your email you are still on time! Contact us on Otherwise stay tuned and follow our progress!